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Taking supplements is no longer surprising to anyone who wants to take care of the overall health of their body. After all, we often try to systematically use all vitamins and minerals to protect our health and prevent shortages. Nevertheless, the negative feelings about the use of dietary supplements for athletes are still arousing in us. These fears are extremely common, which may result from insufficient knowledge or lack of experience with the issue of supplementation of this type of preparations. Many people certainly do not know parts of these products, because not all are as popular as creatine or protein supplements. A relatively little-known but very good in terms of the supplement is glutamine.

What is glutamine and how does it work?

Glutamine is a natural amino acid that occurs in our body, hence it’s no stranger to anyone, although usually the name does not sound familiar. This amino acid has a number of very important functions in the body. One of his tasks is to remove substances harmful to us from the body, so it affects the cleansing and prevents the accumulation of toxins. It also has a positive effect on immunity and on maintaining the insulin at the right level. Glutamine has many benefits for both our body and mind.
The fact that glutamine occurs naturally in the human body indicates the absence of hazards resulting from its use. Nevertheless, remember to not exceed the recommended daily intake, because then unpleasant symptoms may appear, although relatively harmless. In addition, there are several contraindications for the use of glutamine in the form of supplements and these are: pregnancy and breastfeeding, allergens to monosodium glutamate, epilepsy and very abnormal liver function. In other cases, there are no concerns about the supplementation of this valuable substance. The effects that will bring glutamine into the diet are beneficial, which can be noticed after a short time of use. An additional reinforcement of our safety during supplementation of the discussed substance is the fact that preparations containing it usually have a strictly defined proper dose of consumption, which is why we are sure that we will not exceed it by ignorance. One should only remember to follow the recommendations, which are not complicated. A number of beneficial safety studies with glutamine preparations prove that it can be used without any risk.