Dietary supplements are usually associated with a relatively unnatural interference in our health and the body, hence we often treat them as something negatively affecting many systems and organs, and certainly not one hundred percent safe. However, putting all the supplements in one bag is not a good solution, because a number of them have a really beneficial effect on the functioning of our body and can help us deal with many problems or simply facilitate our pursuit of the goal. This is the case with arginine, which is becoming more and more popular, as awareness about it increases, especially in physically active people.


The undeniable advantage of arginine is that it occurs naturally in the body, hence it’s not a foreign substance for us that we will not tolerate. It’s therefore a highly safe substance and we do not have to fear that it will bring us health-threatening side effects. Our body is able to produce arginine to a certain extent, however, it’s usually not enough, and therefore the best solution is its additional supplementation. This is particularly important for people who are in high demand for arginine. They can then afford to eat larger – but obviously within the normal range – the amount of that substance.



So who should focus more on delivering the right dose of arginine to their body?


First of all, athletes, because it increases muscle growth. In addition, it’s recommended for people with problems related to sexual performance, fertility, cardiovascular system or with immune disorders.


Arginine is not only extremely effective, but also completely safe. The most important thing is to follow the recommendations regarding the maximum daily doses of this supplement, as excess of any substance can be harmful to your health. Possible exceeding the right dose causes relatively harmless symptoms and it depends on how much excess we have to deal with.

It’s worth mentioning that the substance is well tolerated and highly absorbed by humans. In addition, the above-mentioned feature is essential, namely the synthesis of arginine in the body. It’s released in a natural way to perform certain functions, hence dietary supplements with arginine are not treated by the body as something artificial. In addition, this compound occurs not only within the body, but is also consumed with food, therefore, its acceptance is something completely natural.