Practicing sports usually aims to increase muscle mass. This is in essence inseparable from the use of an appropriate diet, which must contain all the necessary micro and macro elements, which are the basis for the proper functioning of the body and proper regeneration after training. For this purpose, it’s necessary to take appropriate preparations, which contain all valuable ingredients, and additionally help the athletic body. One of such preparations is creatine, which is a very popular and commonly used dietary supplements.

Creatine – is it safe?

Creatine is a supplement that many scientists have been bending over. Studies conducted over the years have confirmed that it’s a completely safe preparation that brings many benefits to the body. This dispels many doubts and myths that have been circulating for a long time about this ever more popular substance. An example of this may be the complaint towards creatine, which states that it causes damage to the kidneys. This is not true, because in the situation when there is too much of this substance in the body, the muscles are not able to accept it completely, and therefore it must be expelled. Then, the metabolism of creatine is carried out by the kidneys, in the results they intensify their work, however, this does not mean that they are destroyed this way. In this case, you should simply take a lower dose of creatine so that your body can normalize your work.

In addition, it’s said that the body is dehydrated due to the ingestion of creatine. This is not something that can harm us, because there is a simple solution – just drink more fluids than usual, then we will restore the body’s balance.

It’s worth emphasizing the advantage of creatine that it has a beneficial effect on reducing the susceptibility to thermal stress associated with changes in body temperature. In addition, it reduces the risk of muscle contusion.

The guarantee of safety when taking creatine is, of course, a reasonable supplementation, which means that you should use the right doses of the preparation that are tolerated by the body. Compliance with such recommendations will eliminate any danger of incorporating a new substance into your diet. There is a growing awareness about diet supplements, which is why various myths appear less frequently and disappear from the discussion field. Any research and experience of athletes indicates that the risk of effects. The side effects are really insignificant here, but we can definitely expect excellent effects in the form of increasing muscle mass.