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Adaptogens – what are they?

The safety of dietary supplements is confirmed by many scientific studies, however, we still observe a low level of trust towards them, which is caused on the one hand by the circulation of a false opinion, and on the other by possible experiences with unknown source preparations or those that simply do not meet accepted standards. It should be remembered that dietary supplements, available on the websites of pharmacies or shops of the manufacturer, must demonstrate adequate safety in order to be admitted to trading. It’s therefore imperative that they meet the quality standards and possibly do not show any side effects. One of the supplements whose safety we can be sure of is the type of preparations that contain adaptogens. What exactly are they and how they affect the functioning of our body?


Characteristics of adaptogens

Adaptogens are completely harmless to us, and they also bring a lot of benefits for our health and well-being. Their function is primarily to increase resistance to so-called environmental stress. Stress can cause a lot of damage in our body and often it’s the culprit of both physical and psychological diseases. It can be caused by an abnormal lifestyle, nervousness, and too many responsibilities. Regardless of the reason, we have to get rid of long-term stressful situations, in order to have a positive impact on the quality of our lives. Dietary supplements with adaptogens increase the response to stress and thus increase our tolerance to it, making us feel calmer. They help us adapt to the conditions of our lives, which is perfectly illustrated by the name of the substance. Their advantage is the effect on the entire body, because eliminating stress, they have a positive effect on every part of the body.

An extraordinary advantage, which proves the safety of using dietary supplements with adaptogens is their natural origin, which limits the side effects to a minimum. Plants, which form the basis for adaptogens, are rich in various chemicals valuable to human health, which we should definitely use. Supplements with adaptogens are completely non-toxic and relatively mild, though effective. It’s also worth mentioning that they are a defence to the body by negative physical and psychological stimuli, hence they increase our safety. In addition, they protect the liver, hence there is no possibility of it being destroyed or overloaded. Benefits definitely speak for the use of adaptogens that combine efficiency and safety.